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Here at MediSurge, we utilize an ISO Class 7 Cleanroom to create high-quality, reliable medical devices. However, we’ve found that we get a lot of questions about our Cleanroom. That’s why we’re taking the time to address some of the things we get asked the most! What Does Class 7 Mean? First and foremost, the […]


In these types of situations, domestic medical device manufacturers are the answer. Small businesses that source and create here in the United States can offer benefits that overseas manufacturers can’t compete with. Quality Guidelines United States hospitals and healthcare systems need to, logically, abide by United States laws and regulations. This is true when it […]

Putting Quality First: MediSurge Quality Heroes

Quality Heroes MediSurge creates devices that have the ability to save lives, and that requires a steadfast focus on quality with little room for error. We know that quality is the best business plan, and because of that, we recently implemented our new MediSurge Quality Hero Program. This new program recognizes MediSurge team members who […]

Why Care Providers Choose MediSurge

Care providers can count on us to provide their teams with devices that are designed to be the best every time, with no exceptions. Here are a few reasons care providers continue to look to MediSurge:  We provide the latest Innovations Our team has extensive industry experience and is focused on continued learning and improvement. […]

Why Care Providers Choose MediSurge

MediSurge is proud to be an industry leader here in West Michigan, and we find great joy in equipping care providers with the devices they need in order to best care for their patients. Because we know how personal medial devices can be, we do not take our work lightly and we are always striving […]

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